Blogging in a Coronavirus World

Blogging in Pre-B.C. Days?

COVID-19 has changed many areas of our lives, how to get food, seeking gold (toilet paper) and even blogging. Although I’ve been blogging for the Blog Coalition for several years, only very recently was this official website created. This means I’ve been working with B.C. since before coronavirus became a household name. Look, this disease is even affecting Disneyites.

A Creative Process

So how has COVID-19 hit bloggers? I can really only speak for myself. Blogging has changed for me in that it is not just about communicating with others online but it has become NEEDING to do posts. For me, writing a blog post pre-Corona was kind of something I did because it’s a part of what I did to make a living. Now, aside from family, friend and clients, it is at the epicenter of my existence. It is a creative process vital to my well being. It has caused me to see sites such as DIYdigi with new eyes.

A Role to Play

It has new meaning to me now when I cheer on my fellow bloggers writing for blogs like Manhattan Coronavirus. I guess this has all come about because of me now seeing more clearly the role that the Blog Coalition and other blog networks have of sharing with others what they have been experiencing with COVID-19 nipping at their toes.