An Experiment and More!

The experiment is being lead by marketing professionals.

I always enjoy an experiment and DIYdigi is doing just that. They are conducting a marketing experiment as seen here.

U.S. Magicians is busy too, though not with an experiment. They are working on their new website.

And last but not least, U.S. Make a Difference has an interesting topic.


Addressing a Problem

If you are growing a tree, don’t tie it up.

We know it is all about addressing the problem rather than hiding from the problem because unless you address it, it is going to continue to plague you. Of course there is always the possibility that will go away on its own, but this rarely works.

As entrepreneurs we have several destinations possible. Each with its own particular challenges. But we’re not the only people experiencing this. There are others.

Take for example DIYdigi. Will they slay the dragon?

Or how about USA Create?

Or even another USA business, USA eLearning.


Feeling Very Un-Zen Today

I’m worried that these rocks are going to fall off and hit me on the foot.

I’m not really feeling out of sorts today, it’s just that I am going all-in on an idea I have for a market I know exists and that I could help. Even with the competition, I believe my idea will prevail. We’ll see. I guess I’m kind of nervous about it because it involves a big commitment on my part.

There is another ambulance siren out there here as I write this in NYC. Someone is sick. Do they have Covid-19? If I seem a little down today, what I am about to show you is not muck of a picker uper. Here’s the latest from DIYdigi.

Per request, here is something on Thrillumentary.

And finally, we close with the Stamas Bros. What happened to them being funny? At least they’re riding bikes.


Feeling Very Zen Today

I am feeling very Zen today. As if I am in touch with being able to have things unfold easily. It is true that I have less intensely concentrated tasks today than yesterday, but for some reason August 6th, 2020 feels better than August 5th was.

Sure it is possible actually getting a few hours of sleep is helping this mindset along, but regardless of why I am allowing myself to experience it, I am grateful for that. Because I have had many very difficult times in my spiritual life up until now. And tomorrow could hold more turbulence. If so, I’ll take it on then.

In keeping with this good feeling is DIYdigi writing about digital being a gift.

The website “Over 50 USA” has its own way of tapping into a kind of consciousness that looks at the question “Can you live happily ever after?”

And finally, the people at the Platinum PIAs take on some sadness, but also gratitude for having had time with a good friend.

Digital Education

Pandemic and the Arts

It has really hit some industries hard as well as the arts. The lower tier players in the arts have had a bad enough time in the past just surviving, let alone now with the Pandemic, some have called it quits. Not everyone though, there are some artists who keep on moving forward: teaching artists. Usually they have some sort of art form that they excel in and are used to teaching while in the same room as their students. This may be changing as seen at NYC Workshops.

Another kind of artist can be found at NYC Housing Lottery.

We started out with educators and now are going to end with them too. Though a different type as seen at DIYdigi.


Branding and Missions

Direct from New York City

What a day today is. We have quickly put together posts either about branding or missions. We’ll start with branding, followed by the two mission ones. Here’s the branding one from NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media).


Here is a bit about missions from DIYdigi.


And finally here is a communication from NYC Create.


Variations on Marketing

The three blogs we have for you today are all ones that are presenting something having to do with some aspect of marketing. For example, Media Administration is showing us information on the very important topic of value.

While on the other hand, Movie Process is looking at marketing as it relates to getting an audience for your film.

And finally, let’s take a gander at DIYdigi at As always this blog moves toward solutions that people can do themselves, hence the DIY in the name, standing of course for Do It Yourself, while the entire moniker represents: Do It Yourself Digital Marketing.


Getting an Overview of Media

At the moment I am trying to figure out the relationships of, and get an overview (or common thread), that all of today’s links have in common. For better or worse I am going to go with the notion that all three are pretty personal. For example the one that I am about to link to was likely created in real time as it personally unfolded for the writer. Marketer Magician changed his style a bit in this post.

This blog entry on DIYdigi today is kind of a “non-post.” If you read it you’ll understand what I am talking about.

This final piece of the personal puzzle, is a concept that is often talked about but is it really followed through on? You decide.


Employee Marketing is the Theme for Today

What’s your business? Do you have employees? Even if you don’t, this post can give you ideas of what to do in terms of your future employees.

This first link isn’t actually directly related to employee marketing because it is a site for parents of kids call “Manhattan Kids Guide.” Though, one could make the connection as being that kids grow up to be employees or maybe even the CEO of her or his own entrepreneurial project!

We now bring you Manhattan Magician’s latest. He is by night the Manhattan Magician and by day is a manager and marketer. This blog post is interesting because Mr. Magician decides to present an Employee Marketing strategy to magicians in the hope that they will learn to believe in themselves as business people and promoters.

Number 3 is the website DIYdigi looking at Employee Marketing Strategies.


“Cause Marketing” is What We are Looking at Today.

Cause Marketing

Three websites from the coalition are posting today on the topic of “Cause Marketing.” Cause marketing is of course when you help others in need and in the process your business flourishes. More details can be found in this blog entry of DIYdigi.


Next we are going to take a peek at MagicPreneurs.

The Blog on the Coronavirus

And finally, here is Manhattan Coronavirus.