The Impact of Magic

Harry Potter, Harry Houdini

Magic and the Art of Escaping

I have spent some of my time over the past several weeks comparing and contrasting Harry Potter and Harry Houdini. Both are magicians whose first name is Harry but the big difference between them is that Harry Potter is a fictional character in a book and movie series whereas Mr. Houdini was an actual magician entertainer who baffled the world with his magic and art of escaping.

Making a Difference

Although it is a number of months away, Houdini Day (also known as Magic Day) is coming on October 31. The week leading up to it starting Sunday, October 25 is National Magic Week. On October 31st in addition to celebrating Houdini I will also be involved with the USA Magician’s awards ceremony. This ceremony doesn’t just honor magicians, but all those who have been “magic” in terms of making a difference in their communities.


And it seems that today, May 17, there are others out there who are celebrating the legacy and hope that magicians hold for the general public. Magic is a much misunderstood art form and is meant to lift and help the community. For example, in the latest Manhattan Coronavirus post, the blogger makes clear a dedication and passion for all things magic. What are you passionate about? We’d love to know.


When “Alone Time” Goes too Far

Seeking a Cure

Everyone needs alone time now and again, some more than others. But can one have more alone time than they can deal with? Those of us who have families do not have to worry as much as about being lonely than folks who are in lockdown in an apartment in New York City with no one else around. This can lead to that lone person selecting a drug of choice, not literally pharmaceuticals but rather something like going on binges watching documysteries. Some sites in the network analyze viewing a documystery as a cure.

Will You Enter the Arcade?

There are those who say that too many documysteries can lead to entering the Arcade of Confusion. For those of us in the Big Apple, the worst hit city in the nation, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that media is the cure to coping. But as our daily blogger says in the current installment of the daily website Manhattan Coronavirus, staying indoors can lead to entering the arcade of confusion.

The New Normal

Using entertainment as a coping mechanism is not new, but the context in which it appears now can not have been anticipated. The blog Entertainment Entrepreneurship has just posted a story about virtual reality versus the new reality (the “New Normal”).


Blogging in a Coronavirus World

Blogging in Pre-B.C. Days?

COVID-19 has changed many areas of our lives, how to get food, seeking gold (toilet paper) and even blogging. Although I’ve been blogging for the Blog Coalition for several years, only very recently was this official website created. This means I’ve been working with B.C. since before coronavirus became a household name. Look, this disease is even affecting Disneyites.

A Creative Process

So how has COVID-19 hit bloggers? I can really only speak for myself. Blogging has changed for me in that it is not just about communicating with others online but it has become NEEDING to do posts. For me, writing a blog post pre-Corona was kind of something I did because it’s a part of what I did to make a living. Now, aside from family, friend and clients, it is at the epicenter of my existence. It is a creative process vital to my well being. It has caused me to see sites such as DIYdigi with new eyes.

A Role to Play

It has new meaning to me now when I cheer on my fellow bloggers writing for blogs like Manhattan Coronavirus. I guess this has all come about because of me now seeing more clearly the role that the Blog Coalition and other blog networks have of sharing with others what they have been experiencing with COVID-19 nipping at their toes.

Your Blog Business

Running Your Blog Business


It’s kind of cool that these days all you need to be in business is your phone which chances are you already have. It’s like Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz,” when she has had the secret all along in her slippers. The modern day slippers is your smartphone. But as we learn in DigiComArts today, you have to work for your success.

Aspects of Your Processes

Working hard can also mean getting help from websites like DigiRefer where you can get digital workers. As much of your work as possible should be assigned to others. Don’t get caught up in the fear that only you can do the job correctly. Let others take on aspects of your processes.

Some Things Get Easier

And yes, this is all happening in a time when we have become mask people. For some of us online such as Manhattan Coronavirus, we see mostly medical mask folks. These days that is the new normal when running your blog business from on your device. In a period of lockdown, some things get harder and some things get easier.

Ready Set Go

Blog Ideas Surround You

What’s Holding You Back?

Everyday a computer screen or some means of writing, filming or recording faces the blogger, vlogger or YouTube creator. For some it is more easy than others in coming up with ideas. But for those or you who stare at a blank page and get “writer’s block,” here’s something to think about: blog ideas surround you. All you need to do is to think about what you’re experiencing at that very moment. For example, maybe you’re motivated by fame. Maybe you want to celebify yourself?


Bloggers sometimes confront developing new ideas in a way that involves fighting one’s self. Unless fighting with your current thoughts are a part of your inspiration, you can at times find yourself frustrated in a way that is not conducive to creativity. Just remember that inspiration can be found everywhere. Blogs like Manhattan Coronavirus are about what is going on with a writer every day that he stays in his home with his wife and their child. This means utilizing documentation which is one of the easiest ways to find concepts of interest.

What is the Answer?

Whatever is going on with you tune into it, don’t tune out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that documentation has to be drawn from “real life.” It can be what’s happening with a futuristic twist like today’s entry at Coronavirus After. But what I’m doing on this fine Wednesday morning is facing the reality that I need to come up with ideas for several blogs including an email newsletter tomorrow. So what do I do? The answer is that a write a blog entry like this one that addresses the very challenge I face by easing into the belief that…Blog ideas surround you.

Mythical Beings that are Real

Daily Goals

A Sighting of a Mythical Creature

I have them because I need to. I have a role to play in the development of our coalition of blogs bringing you new information every day (if possible) and even including topics like BigFootZombie. BigFootZombie was first seen in the Bronx.

Like a Scene from an Old Horror Flick

It actually happened when we were in a plane traveling over the Bronx as well as were simultaneously writing a guest spot post for Bronx News NYC. The story had to do with a celebrity but in the act of traveling through the air over this beloved section of NYC, I spotted BigFootZombie for the first time. I knew it was BFZ and not just BF by the fact that the creature below was walking with arms outstretched like it was in the original version of “Night of the Living Dead.”

See You Next Time

I’d love to stay and talk more about mythical beings that are real, but I, like the author of the current post at Manhattan Coronavirus, have a remote parent/teacher conference to attend in the living room. So goodbye for now and we’ll see you next time.


Corona Update

No one truly is a mind reader, or are they? This is something we don’t know for sure, but one thing is certain, the folks at Become a Mentalist are not turning out people with psychic powers but rather are helping to develop new individuals who are mystery entertainers.

So if we can’t figure out what the Corona Virus is all about through mystical insight, can we do it through science and education? Speaking of education, the Big Apple Awards (a show that celebrates educators) have noted that in this day and age educators who teach K – High School are all heroes. They don’t know any more than anyone else does regarding COVID-19, and yet they, in blind faith, are teaching our youth remotely.

The popular blog Manhattan Coronavirus asks the question “Are we any closer to a solution?” In truth, most likely not. Yet a positive message is spreading, but as it spreads will the disease spread? Those not taking the virus seriously may lead to the killing of more people.

Ready Set Go

You got this.


Do you have a dream to be an ArtisticPreneur? Is your dream on hold during this time of the Coronavirus or has the disease acted to make you even more driven to achieve your dream. Different people react to pressure in different ways. Some find pressure defeating while others see it as an opportunity to thrive.

How Does it Work?

Pursuing the achievement of a big goal is sadly not a one size fits all. Think of how wonderful it would be if you were to want a career in the arts all you would have to do is climb the Artist Steps. Unfortunately it does not work like this.

It Can Be Your Friend

Truth be told COVID-19 is always looming for most of us. The worry of contracting the virus can be overwhelming. For many all aspirations go on hold. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, wherever you may be: California, Florida or even New York, keep your eye on the prize. If for example you are in NYC think of the Manhattan Coronavirus as being your friend. Because hey, you got this.

Ready Set Go

Three things to think about.

Art Gush

Three things under a microscope? If you had asked me in my young adulthood where I thought I’d be now, it is very different than my original plans. Though, in many ways it is better than I could have ever imagined. Fatherhood has turned out to be an exciting journey. I never even thought about having kids. And even when I got married, kids were not on my mind. But as these things happen, 7 years into my marriage having a child became a wonderful reality. Another surprise were eBooks. I didn’t even read them before writing them, but thanks to Art Gush I am on an ongoing track of creating them.


Then there’s this little thing known as COVID-19. We are all being affected by it in one way or another all of the world. As a New Yorker I read the daily blog entitled Manhattan Coronavirus. It is interesting to have a window into other people’s lives. The digital diary of sorts that you are reading right now will also in time likely document real life things. Such as the title of this post.


This post is named “Three things to think about.” Thus far we’ve gone through the first thing which is Art Gush, the second thing which is the virus, and now the third thing is communication. Communication educator Yianni Stamas just uploaded a brief post about Zoom. Zoom being a new communication tool of choice. Do you use Zoom? Or do you use something else to communicate with the world and loved ones? I imagine given the current predicament we are all in due to an invisible enemy, our methods of communication could be changed forever. Putting it under the microscope is what our online journal entries will consist of.

Ready Set Go

Time to get to work.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have a blog. And if you’re someone who wants to make a difference we want to hear from you.