Ready Set Go

Blog Ideas Surround You

What’s Holding You Back?

Everyday a computer screen or some means of writing, filming or recording faces the blogger, vlogger or YouTube creator. For some it is more easy than others in coming up with ideas. But for those or you who stare at a blank page and get “writer’s block,” here’s something to think about: blog ideas surround you. All you need to do is to think about what you’re experiencing at that very moment. For example, maybe you’re motivated by fame. Maybe you want to celebify yourself?


Bloggers sometimes confront developing new ideas in a way that involves fighting one’s self. Unless fighting with your current thoughts are a part of your inspiration, you can at times find yourself frustrated in a way that is not conducive to creativity. Just remember that inspiration can be found everywhere. Blogs like Manhattan Coronavirus are about what is going on with a writer every day that he stays in his home with his wife and their child. This means utilizing documentation which is one of the easiest ways to find concepts of interest.

What is the Answer?

Whatever is going on with you tune into it, don’t tune out. This doesn’t necessarily mean that documentation has to be drawn from “real life.” It can be what’s happening with a futuristic twist like today’s entry at Coronavirus After. But what I’m doing on this fine Wednesday morning is facing the reality that I need to come up with ideas for several blogs including an email newsletter tomorrow. So what do I do? The answer is that a write a blog entry like this one that addresses the very challenge I face by easing into the belief that…Blog ideas surround you.