BigFoot Zombie Sightings May Be Good for Marketing

A half asleep tiger from the Bronx Zoo spoke briefly with us though wanted to remain anonymous. He said that in his lifetime at the Zoo he has made at least 25 sightings of BigFoot Zombie and has even seen around 3 to 4 vacationing gryphons.

The BFZ Controversy

There have been numerous sightings of BigFoot Zombies in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. This is not surprising because this is known to be where the big hairy beings hangout. What is surprising though is that they are packing and using their The Second Amendment rights. The gray area on this is the question: should bigfoot zombies be allowed to carry guns? The people at DIYdigi said “No comment,” maybe because they are in the works with a marketing project that they don’t to get caught up in the BFZ controversy.

Exclusive Interview

The Bigfoot Zombie website on the other hand did an interview with the leader of all the BFZ’s in the Tristate area.


If the BigFoot Zombie topic is of interest to you, you might want to check out the story at the Bronx News NYC website about BigFoot Zombie sightings. A retailor of a men’s clothing store in the area has created a necktie with BigFoot Zombies image on it. He says the sightings have been good for his business in terms of marketing.