Sales is What You Do First

Design Your Future Audience

Before you even start writing your eBook you need to think about who your masterpiece will be purchased by. If none of your artistic motivations have an audience, it is back to the drawing board. You need to have buyers and if you design what you are doing toward your future customers, all the better.

Be Super Specific

There’s really no point in not writing for an audience if a monetary return is desired by you. You want it to be nonfiction and to sell a solution or solve a pain point. Plus, you want this group you are targeting to be super specific.

Step by Step

Got your future buyer in mind? Great. Now let the writing begin. More ideas on “selling” can be found at today’s DIYdigi. Another great place to look at is Art Gush’s latest. Or if you like things step by step we recommend visiting Artist Steps.


eBook Creation Overview

Three Blogs are Doing the eBook Development Process

There are three publications that represent the people behind them, is what we will be looking at today. The three contributing blogs are, and

Having Fun

Yianni Stamas appears to be having fun with the development of an eBook and I know from talking with him, he is enjoying working on content for a topic that unfortunately I can not reveal at the time.

Coming Up with an eBook Cover

Web Design Magician’s inhouse graphic artist is facing challenges in coming up with the best possible cover art for the eBook.

Points of Contact

DIYdigi is heading up the sales and distribution of the eBook being made. It can take up to 10 or more points of contact experienced by an individual before that person will actually buy your product or service (unless it is a referral of course). We hope to learn more about DIYdigi’s approach and how they are going to create those 10 points of contact before purchase. Stay tuned!


Home Business Member?

Make Being a Member Official

Are you a member? Are you a home business member. If you have a home business you are already a member so why not make your membership official.

It’s Not Easy

Running a home business can be challenging at times. Or if you are not yet a home business you should probably think twice before jumping in because it is not going to be easy.

Some Blogs to Check Out

Check out this blog entry at DIYdigi. Or here is another entry on a similar topic at Or here’s a business that didn’t realize they were a home business!


An Experiment and More!

The experiment is being lead by marketing professionals.

I always enjoy an experiment and DIYdigi is doing just that. They are conducting a marketing experiment as seen here.

U.S. Magicians is busy too, though not with an experiment. They are working on their new website.

And last but not least, U.S. Make a Difference has an interesting topic.


Addressing a Problem

If you are growing a tree, don’t tie it up.

We know it is all about addressing the problem rather than hiding from the problem because unless you address it, it is going to continue to plague you. Of course there is always the possibility that will go away on its own, but this rarely works.

As entrepreneurs we have several destinations possible. Each with its own particular challenges. But we’re not the only people experiencing this. There are others.

Take for example DIYdigi. Will they slay the dragon?

Or how about USA Create?

Or even another USA business, USA eLearning.


Feeling Very Un-Zen Today

I’m worried that these rocks are going to fall off and hit me on the foot.

I’m not really feeling out of sorts today, it’s just that I am going all-in on an idea I have for a market I know exists and that I could help. Even with the competition, I believe my idea will prevail. We’ll see. I guess I’m kind of nervous about it because it involves a big commitment on my part.

There is another ambulance siren out there here as I write this in NYC. Someone is sick. Do they have Covid-19? If I seem a little down today, what I am about to show you is not muck of a picker uper. Here’s the latest from DIYdigi.

Per request, here is something on Thrillumentary.

And finally, we close with the Stamas Bros. What happened to them being funny? At least they’re riding bikes.


Feeling Very Zen Today

I am feeling very Zen today. As if I am in touch with being able to have things unfold easily. It is true that I have less intensely concentrated tasks today than yesterday, but for some reason August 6th, 2020 feels better than August 5th was.

Sure it is possible actually getting a few hours of sleep is helping this mindset along, but regardless of why I am allowing myself to experience it, I am grateful for that. Because I have had many very difficult times in my spiritual life up until now. And tomorrow could hold more turbulence. If so, I’ll take it on then.

In keeping with this good feeling is DIYdigi writing about digital being a gift.

The website “Over 50 USA” has its own way of tapping into a kind of consciousness that looks at the question “Can you live happily ever after?”

And finally, the people at the Platinum PIAs take on some sadness, but also gratitude for having had time with a good friend.

Digital Education

Pandemic and the Arts

It has really hit some industries hard as well as the arts. The lower tier players in the arts have had a bad enough time in the past just surviving, let alone now with the Pandemic, some have called it quits. Not everyone though, there are some artists who keep on moving forward: teaching artists. Usually they have some sort of art form that they excel in and are used to teaching while in the same room as their students. This may be changing as seen at NYC Workshops.

Another kind of artist can be found at NYC Housing Lottery.

We started out with educators and now are going to end with them too. Though a different type as seen at DIYdigi.


Branding and Missions

Direct from New York City

What a day today is. We have quickly put together posts either about branding or missions. We’ll start with branding, followed by the two mission ones. Here’s the branding one from NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media).


Here is a bit about missions from DIYdigi.


And finally here is a communication from NYC Create.


Variations on Marketing

The three blogs we have for you today are all ones that are presenting something having to do with some aspect of marketing. For example, Media Administration is showing us information on the very important topic of value.

While on the other hand, Movie Process is looking at marketing as it relates to getting an audience for your film.

And finally, let’s take a gander at DIYdigi at As always this blog moves toward solutions that people can do themselves, hence the DIY in the name, standing of course for Do It Yourself, while the entire moniker represents: Do It Yourself Digital Marketing.