Yianni Stamas Deconstructs December 18 Also Known as International Migrants Day

The Difficulties Due to COVID-19

Blog Coalition, consisting of nearly 60 blogs (as of this date), is committed to the cause of helping those who are migrating to our country. Building awarness is very important which is something this brief article, as well as other blogs participating in the coalition. In its most simple definition, December 18, International Migrants Day that offers a new pathway for many migrants seeking a better life in the United States of America. In a world where some countries practice exploitation and trafficking, the USA is a place where serenity is practiced. But, this process has become increasing difficult due to COVID-19.

Protection of Rights

This has lead to even hire evictions, losses and discrimination. International Migrants Day gives a healthy alternative for migrants seeking a better life. The day, December 18, was chosen due to it being the anniversary of the 1990 adoption by the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families.

Opportunity for All

UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon put it this way:

“On this International Migrants Day, I call on the international community to act on the global compact on safe, regular and orderly migration as an important contribution to building a world of peace, prosperity, dignity and opportunity for all.”


The Game

Long Term Growth

As of this writing, the third in line in terms of net worth is Warren Buffett.  He is known for holding on to stocks over the long term and believes that you need to hold on to a stock sometimes as long as a decade of more before seeing any real growth.

Your Unique Perspective

As experts will tell you, diversification is a good approach, so that not all your money is in one place but rather spread out over many different investments. Also, reinvention is a good one. You may see your holdings in one way, but with a few tweaks you can reinvent your portfolio. This can occur by seeing your investments in a whole new light. This is case in point with being an innovator. Do not follow the pack except when it is prudent to do so. Otherwise, factor in enough wiggle room so your unique perspective and convictions can come through.

Push the Boundaries

But you must always be disciplined, hold on tight and look at your investments as what they are, a way to make more money. But just because that is the end goal doesn’t mean you can not push the boundaries.


Just as every person is different, billionaires are different too. Take for example Oprah. She could have done an average talk show but instead aspects of her unique and passionate personality came through. She showed how making a difference can be its own reward.

Careful of Haters

A very important component of success involves not listening to haters. Haters can come in many forms. They can be your friends, your family and others. Just because they do not see your vision does not mean that it is wrong.

One option for success can be to take on a partner. It can make it a less lonely road.


More Time Between Updates

We’ve been asked by readers why is there more time between updates? As you may recall if you are a regular viewer of this site that we used to update daily but now we are on a monthly schedule. Why? Because we’ve decided to take much needed break from the daily grind and have handed the reigns over to Home Business Achievers who are a good match for what we have been doing, which is standing up for those with Home Businesses. We feel that Home Business Achievers are going to run with the ball and make a touchdown. They will be doing primarily online marketing coverage on topics such as email marketing like this:

Why get people to sign up for your newsletter? Some folks do this because if the thing you are selling is hard to get a result for immediately, by having them on your email list means you can supply both with very useful information, but also a “P.S.” each time contain what you are selling. If you continually provide them with the newsletter material they need, they become more likely to buy from you.

Once you have your video as well as your digital product or service ready, you can move onto the next step which is to put this multifaceted undertaking live. If by the way, you are not making available a digital product, these same techniques can be used by you to get clients or customers for your business. So whatever kind of business you are in, online or offline, you must set your selling machine that you have created into action.

How do you get future customers to your sales machine? There are two possibilities. The free way to do it is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your future leads find you when they need what you offer. The problem with this approach, unless you already know how to do it, is that it takes a while to learn how to do it.

Ready Set Go

The Evolution of Technology

A topic that we are quite interested in is the evolution of technology. As technology evolves media companies enjoy the bounty, because they bring in income from each upgrade. And the consumer often upgrades because they don’t want to be behind the times.

DIYdigi today has some interesting things to say about the evolution of technology while DigiRefer harkens to the past. Even DigiComArts gets into the technology dialogue by taking a look at how COVID-19 has impacted technology organization.


Things are changing.

Everybody Loves a CAUSE

“Things are changing” is quite an open ended statement that in these trying times can mean many things. Though, in this edition, we are not exploring current affairs. We are looking instead at something very specific. It is the question: what is up with DIYdigi? It wasn’t known by many in the industry that they were working on an eBook on “Cause Marketing.” This form of marketing is thought of fondly by many agencies.

Home Business Achievers?

But then suddenly, DIYdigi was no longer the entity working on it. It had mysteriously been passed to an organization which is not yet even a collective because it is merely a group of a few folks that call themselves home business achievers.

Two Blogs with No Mentions

The website Corona Virus After (they are pretty plugged in with DIYdigi) don’t even mention the change. Nor does Create Profitable Marketing that is the brain child of DIYdigi.

The lesson here is that you’ll never know what happens next. Things are changing.


Every day I try to see the relationship of things.

It may appear outwardly that one of my reasons for having this blog is to let you know what the latest links are. This is true. But there is a lot of other stuff pushing me forward as well. For example, I like the fun game of figuring out what the common unification elements are of the latest blog posts. Today is seems there is an aspect of being personal. Of speaking in a way that not all of us do. For example, DIYdigi looks today at what motivates us as human beings.

Bronx News NYC on the other hand explores a story about what scares us.

And finally there is Celebify. In today’s Celebify blog entry, the question is examined as to why some of us wish to be famous?

Hope you enjoy the current lineup.


Why is a Question Mark Being Hoisted for the Marquee of Education?

Look, we understand teachers have challenges and bandwidth issues. We know the schools don’t have the budget etc. etc. But at some point educators and administrators of those educators need to wake up and smell the coffee. The “get a good job” yadda yadda left the building a long time ago. Someone needs to open their eyes because isn’t education supposed to have at least a component of usefulness?

Alert. Teachers at every level and especially in high schools need to teach the subject matter of how to start a home or small business now. We need to get your attention if we don’t already have it and are going to do so by linking to this article about a fellow who has really large feet.

If you did check out the post that the link, links to, worry not. He is not going to eat you. At least not right now. He just had a snack.

It is important for all educators to read this. Look, if you haven’t noticed, the world has changed. More people are staying indoors, often in their houses or apartments. Those without a remote job, need to make something happen. Unemployment is not going to go on forever. You need to create a Home Business as discussed in this piece in the blog, The Big Apple Awards.

So why is the question mark being hoisted for the marquee of education? It’s because it doesn’t make any sense to not teach useful stuff. Stuff that the student can use for starting a home business or other entrepreneurial venture. If you want to see what happens to students when they are not properly educated, click here.

Digital Education

The Evolution of an Idea


You’ve got to start somewhere and it does not matter what you begin with as long as your intent is clear with yourself. You are tasked with the transforming a small concept into a big result. This is the overall theme of the entries (below) we bring you today.

Are You Psychic?

Our first post has to do with the age long desire for psychic ability to be a real thing. Because then just imagine what is possible creatively. This exploration is on the site Become a Mentalist.

Keep it Simple!

The next phase in our creative process has to do with simplification because one of the the hardest things to do is to not overcomplicate. This is detailed on the website of ArtisticPreneur.

A Work in Progress

And finally, you are likely going to want to get your work in progress out there as can be read about on the site of DIYdigi.


Sales is What You Do First

Design Your Future Audience

Before you even start writing your eBook you need to think about who your masterpiece will be purchased by. If none of your artistic motivations have an audience, it is back to the drawing board. You need to have buyers and if you design what you are doing toward your future customers, all the better.

Be Super Specific

There’s really no point in not writing for an audience if a monetary return is desired by you. You want it to be nonfiction and to sell a solution or solve a pain point. Plus, you want this group you are targeting to be super specific.

Step by Step

Got your future buyer in mind? Great. Now let the writing begin. More ideas on “selling” can be found at today’s DIYdigi. Another great place to look at is Art Gush’s latest. Or if you like things step by step we recommend visiting Artist Steps.


eBook Creation Overview

Three Blogs are Doing the eBook Development Process

There are three publications that represent the people behind them, is what we will be looking at today. The three contributing blogs are, and

Having Fun

Yianni Stamas appears to be having fun with the development of an eBook and I know from talking with him, he is enjoying working on content for a topic that unfortunately I can not reveal at the time.

Coming Up with an eBook Cover

Web Design Magician’s inhouse graphic artist is facing challenges in coming up with the best possible cover art for the eBook.

Points of Contact

DIYdigi is heading up the sales and distribution of the eBook being made. It can take up to 10 or more points of contact experienced by an individual before that person will actually buy your product or service (unless it is a referral of course). We hope to learn more about DIYdigi’s approach and how they are going to create those 10 points of contact before purchase. Stay tuned!