Are you trying to push on through to the other side?

Are You Over 50?

What does pushing on through to the other side mean to you? For some it is getting to a place where they don’t feel or look old. Of course this is not achievable and those getting plastic surgery always look like they’ve had work done, but it’s a nice idea and goal. “Over 50 USA” takes a look at issues like these in their latest post.

NYC Workshops Article

And nothing makes you feel older than the hills than does someone asking you something along the lines of “What was TV like?” If you remember TV or even if you don’t You might find this latest edition of NYC Workshops interesting.

Finger on the Pulse

And then there’s that reality of staying on top of things technically that is actually a myth. Old people (I am one) simply don’t have their finger on the pulse in quite the same way as the young do. Or do they? has a post about this.