A City in Chaos

These are times that are important to document with blogs.

What We are Up Against

It’s human nature to think when something bad happens to another that it won’t happen to you. Well now it has and is. Rogues are literally destroying our beloved metropolis with no one there to stop them. And we’re not talking about the peaceful protestors, we’re speaking of those who for some reason are being allowed to break store windows, loot and more. We wait in fear that it could happen in our NYC Neighborhood. Who is organizing this evil and why now? Is it because they can? Projects that before were pursued to better our communities such as the Big Apple Awards seem minute compared to what we are now up against now.

Talk, Too Much Talk

The Manhattan Coronavirus amazingly has been superseded, for the moment, by organized individuals who are systematically destroying our streets. Manhattanites are strong though, and know they live in the greatest city in the world. We will rebuild. But this is an embarrassing time for those we elected to be our leaders. There is no leadership present other than putting on curfews and threatening the “bad guys.” But there isn’t any actual action. Only talk.

Desperate Reality

Meanwhile we entertain ourselves with things like the BigFoot Zombie website or anything that helps us to, at least momentarily, take our minds off of things. But the fact that BFZ has met a Martian pales next to the desperate reality we face.