Business Owner Get Results from Your Campaign

Have you laid out your strategies yet so you have a successful campaign?

For many of you this is going to be clear from the very beginning the importance of having a step by step strategic solution. That is if you want a campaign to have impact on your audience and bring about the achievement of your goal for it, you need to think in terms of strategies and sub strategies used.

To clarify this we use as an example a Business Owner, or someone Who is Starting a Company, deciding they needed to do a campaign to to bring attention to a new product/service being developed and start to build expectation in the minds of your customers/Clients and fans.

This quick look at the topic just mentioned is explored in more depth in the strategies being created under the banner Business Owner Get Expert Status.

This the start of a series of strategies that METHOD HOW is generating, all of them for “Businesses in Need,” the owners of which pay nothing to use them as a guide of steps to take to get a result..

Do you have in place the strategies for your campaign? What is the specific of why the recipients of this offer from you will actually take action and buy from you what you are selling?

Are you by chance someone who is very creative but would prefer to not be a part of the business aspect? We understand, and if you are just starting out, there is a chance you will become successful and at that point you can hire people to take care of such things. But right now, present day, if you are not walking on red carpets yet, a possibility is to become for now the best of creativity meets business. To be more specific, you could choose now to be an ArtisticPreneur!

You can not even think of implementing your strategies until you are clear on the benefit that is meaningful to the person buying it. And speaking of benefits you need more than one. Benefit after benefit after benefit.

And as long as you are uncovering benefits your customer will get, we are creating our own list of the benefits that small business owners can have when they give back to the community. If you have been reading much of this blog as well as the sixty five or so other websites in the “Blog Coalition,” then you understand the importance of helping others.

Help and you will be helped. Even if you are cynical about getting anything out of helping, do it anyway. For example, we had to figure out the juggling of more than sixty sites and still have something of value to offer from all of them.

Essentially, we manage all the web locations, so this is a lot to think about when working to come through for you with insights you can put to work. But you know what, it is well worth it assisting you via blog posts. Because in doing so we learn a lot about what we already know but forget that we know.

Have you ever had that experience? You forget what you know but that if you write something about it, or are a speaker or a lecturer, it just comes out of you and you think “Dang, I do know what I am doing!”

You may well be doing this already, but if not, why not give it a shot? You have everything to win and nothing to lose. One way of helping to be helped is through customer interaction. Help clarify the solution to their problem, find out if there is anything missing that they might want from your product/service.

The result is gold, literally and figuratively. Because as you know, the more you are aware of the needs of your audience, the more successful you will become.

But in ending soon, we need to touch on the idea of a campaign having a result. It will not work out the way you desire it to unless you get super duper clear on what you want from the campaign. You also need to make certain that you are seeing clearly when it comes to your strategies choid.

Needless to say, there are two kinds of strategies. They will either be “Strategies DIY (Do it Yourself),” or “Strategies DFY (Done for You).”

If you do not already have arrangements for a DFY in terms of gathing for you all the online digital tools you need, we apologize and hope to offer that to you soon. Regarding DIY, if you qualify as a “Business in Need,” you can get the “Strategies DIY” for free, with a new one each week! “Businesses in Need” are those that were negatively impacted by COVID, inflation, floods or fires and so on.

Do you know your strategy step by step. Have you matched the right online digital tools with the steps? Are you clear on the purpose, mission and outcome you are going for? If your answers are “yes” to all these questions then congratulations Business Owner, you have the elements in place to potentially give your the results you are looking for!

In closing, we wanted to clarify for those who do not know about the Blog Coalition, the thing that the Blog Coalition seeks, is to help the approximately sixty five websites be unified for change. Sixty five sites are a lot to manage, but it is worth it to us because we enjoy helping others at no cost who are a part of “Businesses in Need.”

And remember, to keep it interesting and hopefully strengthen your motivation, there is always the possibility of, abracadabra, turning yourself into an ArtisticPreneur!


The “Blog Coalition” Dream Came About in Search for Community, Feedback and Support

The “Blog Coalition” dream really did come about in search for community, feedback and support. We were a lot more idealistic back then, and yet at the time, ironically, were simultaneously cynical.

“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.”

George Carlin

I have thought about that quote a lot throughout the years and I understand the concept of defeated idealist because I suppose I have in many ways become that. But all is not for naught and in reality there have been a lot of wonderful things myself and my wife along with our child have experienced. In a variety of different ways we have pursued community by holding multiple neighborhood events motivated much by wanting a good life for our child. And of course it was great to get positive feedback from our neighbors and to be a part of, if only momentarily, bringing two very different groups in our Manhattan, NYC area.

Feedback as Referrals and the Bringing Together of People

But this bringing together, unfortunately did not last long. But it was a beautiful thing to see in the moment, nonetheless. But the search for positive feedback can be a big part of what people say and do. Also, feedback from a friend about a person they know, makes you trust that new person because they were spoken highly about by your comrade.

Feedback as “Social Proof,” a Tool for Small Businesses to Market Themselves

As a former marketer I know how powerful “Social Proof” can be, and this kind of positive feedback is important to small businesses because they know that if a potential customer sees a page on their site with lots of people saying good things about them, this is is makes it more likely that the individual seeing these upbeat quotes is going to be more more likely to become a customer.

The Shadow Side of Feedback

And of course there is the negative side to feedback as well. And sometimes for no good reason you can become a target. But life is like that and I tend to believe in the idea that everything happens for a reason. Or at least see the phrase as a useful coping tool to cause you to think of the positive side of things, thereby finding a way out, at least with yourself being happier, in reaction to unfounded negative feedback.

But What of the Blog Coalition Dream of Feedback through the Lens of Community and Support?

Being unjustly maligned by unpleasant feedback can be painful. An experience most of us experience at one time or another. But the Blog Coalition dream of feedback in tandem with community and support, was a hopeful step toward developing a safe place where people, even those who are different from each other, can go to become inspired, or at least maybe think for a moment or two that the world might not be that bad after all.


As of This Post There are 58 Websites in 9 Categories, taking their Place in the Blog Coalition, Working Together to Make a Difference and Create Opportunities for those Who Identify as Being a Part of “U.S. in Need”

As we grow as a nation we find ourselves questioning who we really are together. The Blog Coalition has the mission to unify a country divided.


Will the Door Open After More than Two Years so Others Can Sign Up!?

Blog Coalition, with Over 60 Blogs, Looks at Haters and Other Joys

We understand that being online can be extremely uncomfortable for some Startup Introverts. But do not let the haters and bullies win because of what they do online. Remember that they are often motivated by trying to get a reaction by their prey. This is because these pathetic individuals are mostly from dysfunction backgrounds and need attention. And this is the only form of attention that they currently get. Some of them are psychopaths and others are just misunderstood.

And Now Some Good News

And now a positive thing may happen for those of you who want to get the “Method How” Report sent to you weekly. Under consideration is to potentially let in new “Startup Introverts!” The “Method How” Report, formerly known as “USA Make a Difference,” has for more than two years, not let in any new subscribers, sending the newsletter only to those already signed up.

Facing Challenges

At the current time, if you are a Startup Introvert and have had hardships, your business might qualify for receiving a strategy beta tester status. If you get this, it means that you will have access to weekly business introvert strategies, each one with a different purpose and outcome. But this will only be possible if the newsletter opens the door again. Please note that if the decision is made to let new subscribers in, you must either be a Startup Introvert with a current business, or an introvert who has been trying to start a company but has been facing challenges including Covid, Inflation, Violence, Blockchain Supply, and so on. We reserve the right to cancel memberships if you are discovered to be an extravert. The testing has to do with seeing if negativity can be turned around through using the strategies.


3 Easy Steps to Become a Guest Blogger on other Sites Like those from the Blog Coalition including Corona Virus After, Manhattan Corona Virus, Over 50 USA and the Platinum PIAs, so Keep Scrolling Down!

Curtains Open

If you are interested in the process involved to land a guest blogging opportunity, you have come to the right place. Blog Coalition is just one of many blogs online opportunities. Search for the topic you are looking for, then do the 3 steps below. The Blog Coalition currently has 57 websites including Corona Virus After, Manhattan Corona Virus, Over 50 USA and the Platinum PIAs Awards.

1. Strategize

Find a website blog that you feel is a good fit for the knowledge, insights and experience you have in their industry, Bottom line, do you have an expertise that contributes to the value of their site. Is what you are offering something that is good for them, helping them and if so, how?

2. Send

Put together the custom email that you will be sending them. Important. The email needs to focus on the benefit to them for having you be a guest blogger. Look at it from their viewpoint. Let’s say that you have a blog like theirs. Would you want someone like you to be on your blog? If “yes” finish and send.

3. Talk

Clearly it is a numbers game, and you will need to contact many blogs to secure one that will invite you into providing content for their site. You will get rejections. Sometimes because they do not respond, or even a “no” email from them. And when you do get a win, find out how they want submission.

Take Back New York

New York City it is Time to Take Back Our Home and Safety

It is us against the killers

New York Mayor Eric Adams

Stop Guns

Tragic Event on Friday Leaves New Yorkers Sad, Angry and Motivated Toward Change

  • Save NYC Together is the blog where New Yorkers unite.
  • USA Make a Difference is the website helping you to making a difference by helping you to make a difference.
  • Manhattan Corona Virus as you can tell by the name started a way back as a daily journal and now encourages you to visit so we can all do our part here in the Big Apple to stop gun violence.

The sites above are all abuzz over what happened this past Friday. It could potentially be a turning point (fingers crossed) toward action in the fight against gun violence in our beloved city. Police officers were shot at, resulting in an officer in critical condition and the other, just 22 years old, dead.

Why is gun violence so difficult to Control?

Why does it start in the first place?

What can we do NOW to prevent it in the FUTURE?

Do you live in New York?

Do you like the gun violence?

If not, what are YOU doing about it?

Save NYC together.

New Mayor’s Possible Action Step

Thus far, the only implementation proposed by cop turned NYC Mayor Eric Adams, is to try to make it easier to press charges against gun sources in other states who are more lenient about purchase specifics of deadly weapons.

Specifics of Plan

It is a start, a nice idea, but one that is going to take going through a lot of red tape because of the big bucks of the NRA (National Rifle Association) that will fight to keep people armed ensuring more shooting deaths in the Big Apple.


Creative Collaborations to Develop Digital Learning Products that Really Make a Difference in the Lives of Those Who Use Them

Giving Back and Making a Difference are Concepts to Live By

Notes of the creative process have been taken out of the secret files of WizNYC, short for “The Wizard of New York City.” The goal here is to find sections of this work-in-progress material, being looked at in terms of answering the question as to whether or not starting a business should be implemented. This site is called Blog Coalition with the mission of being a network of approximately 60 or so blogs in one that form a network with the goal to make a difference.

Our New Year’s Resolution

One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to embark on collaborations with other blogs from the Blog Coalition to do a tad of editing on the secret files, so they are not totally confusing to others, even if they do make sense to the person who created them in the first place.

Already Engaged in the 2022 New Year’s Resolution

One way to look at this is that, in a sense, we have already begun the blog collaborative journey approach. How? Because of involving publications in this procedure including Platinum PIAs, Save NYC Together and USA Make a Difference. Meanwhile though, the most important thing is to have a positive impact on people in need of processes to push their business ideas and passion pursuits, forward.

Today is New Year’s Eve as We Transition Soon to 2022

Have you figured out what your New Year Resolution as for 2022? Have you put time and thought into this?

Possible Help Actualizing Your Resolutions

Our hope is that the information and notes of WizNYC will help you build visibility within the community you wish to reach. How do you retain customers? An important way to get loyal customers is if the product or service solves a serious pain point and problem. What problem are your product or services solving? When you solve a problem that no one else can, you will in fact be making a difference in the lives of your customers.

Predict the Future

Crystal Ball Technology: The Simple Secret to Keeping Your Business Relevant in an Ever Evolving “Machine” Driven World by Learning How to Predict the Future

Is it Possible to Predict the Future in Terms of the Forthcoming Direction of Technology?

Is a crystal ball needed to explore the future in terms of the impact of technology on your current business. To begin to analyze this, a place to start is to take a look at the job descriptions of those needed in your industry. Did you know that one of the biggest fears of some workers is to worry about being replaced by a machine. This is a concern worth having., not only in terms of employment, but also in reference to our businesses. It does not matter what category your business is in, you will (and are) at the mercy of the evolution of technology. If you do not strive to remain relevant and refresh your solution, you will lose clients. It is a variation of the ever important “client retention” process to be on the cutting edge. This can only truly be true, if you always keep an eye toward what is coming. But how do you predict the future of technology and what changes will occur in your industry. Do you need a fortune tellers globe of light?

What We Can Learn from Mentalists

These days when someone hears the word “Mentalist” they often will think of the television program “The Mentalist.” In fact, many search engines will also populate with results that are connected to that program. But mentalism as an art is so much more than a TV character. It is actually a branch of magic, as in magic as entertainment. There are mentalists who feel that mentalism is its own form of creativity, separate and apart from that of conjuring. Regardless, a mentalist by profession is someone who appears to read minds and predict the future and do so through methods that magic tricks are developed from. Since I have pledged with the magic organization that I am a part of, I will not describe the secrets behind how a mentalist is able to access your thoughts and foresee what is to come. But I will say this, mentalism is a set of magic tricks, or “effects” as magicians call them. Hence, to predict the future of technology is itself an effect you can do. Having written an eBook for mentalists/magicians on the topic of inventing mentalism, I can tell you that the key knowing what is coming is to in a sense read the minds of technology pioneers as well as then take this data and apply it to unraveling the future.

How to Read the Thoughts of Industry Pioneers

You need to create for yourself a window into what is just around the corner, give or take a decade or two.

How do you do this? The answer is obvious and when revealed to you may seem as not much of a revelation, since it is something you are very capable of doing. Regardless, the question that occurs is:

“Do you really take the time out to anticipate what is next in your industry?”

I know I frequently do not, when the reality is it is one of the most important forms of research you can do. How do you get the info you need to be running a business that is relevant in your industry in the current and upcoming times? The simplicity of the answer might surprise you: use a search engine. That’s right, plug in phrases that are variations on the concept of “What is coming to the future of [insert your industry here]. Try it, the results may surprise you. Again, do as many variations as you can think of, possibly writing down your own interpretation of the data you receive. You might then also consider turning the ideas into action. Action you can take now to be more competitive in the future. Do you need a crystal ball? Sure. As long as your crystal ball is a search engine.

Digital Education

Focus Group Looks at Unpublished eBooks

“USA Make a Difference’s” Unpublished eBooks

At, we are thankful for the effort of the head of the Blog Coalition focus group. This group consists of readers of our blog. They were asked to share their opinions regarding the unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks from “USA Make a Difference.” Thanks also to the focus group’s leader for referring to us, in his statement below, as being “…the prestigious Blog Coalition “ “Prestigious?” Had no idea. But I’ll take it.

Statement by the Head of the Ongoing Blog Coalition Focus Group

I lead a focus group of readers of Blog Coalition to get their feedback on the “USA Make a Difference” unpublished Business and Marketing eBooks. The reaction to the eBooks was through the roof to say the least. Not wishing to give you a “spoiler”, let’s just say that the group loved the difference in the clever format that the eBooks had. “USA Make Difference” eBooks stand apart from the rest, because only “USA Make a Difference” eBooks have been named by the prestigious Blog Coalition as not only having invaluable and useful content to make business owners more successful, but “USA Make a Difference” publishers have just been named as’s pick for “Most Valuable eBooks of the Year. I just wish they’d published the darn things!”


Can Luck Be Made?

Increase Your Luck

One can increase one’s luck through the process of reaching out to others. An example of this is the Blog Coalition that consists of a group of more than 50 blogs, all of which share their resources with each other. There is indeed strength in numbers when it comes to promoting yourself or your business.

Overcoming Fear

Being mindful is another way of increasing your luck. If you internally search your life and relationships it could become clearer to you, which aspects of your life have a positive influence, as well which folks have a negative impact? Being self-aware can cause you to be empowered to make better choices leading to consciously creating luck. When you are afforded true opportunities, even if you have fear, be sure to take them. This decision can potentially lead to even more positive results.

Toss Out Non-Solutions

Another way you can make your own luck is by recognizing that there are things you can change and others that you cannot. Take an inner snapshot and try to be objective about which of these you are experiencing at this moment. One of the ways that people avoid luck is by getting on a path toward something that cannot be changed. In other words, they unconsciously push luck away from themselves and focus instead on non-solutions.

It Starts with Awareness

Although this is difficult for many people, the idea is to remain agile. Not so shut down in your approach that you do not have the flexibility to usher in new and positive solutions. How do you become more agile if you tend to be regimented and tense? The first step is to be aware you are doing this. Only through awareness of issues can you be freed up enough to welcome transformation.

Allow Yourself to Be Lucky

If you allow yourself to feel luckier this could not only make you happier but may even lead to a luckier you. Because remember, a happier outlook allows you to see opportunities when you are presented with them. It also makes it more likely that you will act on those opportunities.

Figurative or Literal

Take note of your affirmations. As many know, either literally or figuratively putting yourself in front of a mirror so that you can stare back at yourself, is a great place to start with the luck building process. You then can say affirmations to yourself such as “I am lucky, I am happy, I am prosperous,” and so forth. You likely already know this but sometimes we as humans forget what we know and therefore do not utilize it. Something else you probably know is that just as you can affirm with the positive, you can also enable/reinforce the negative.

Fixating on the Negative

Do you fixate on past negative actions that you may have taken? Do you have the present belief that you are not a good person and are in fact a bad one? If this describes you it is going to be tougher for you than others, to create your own luck. But it can be done! Again, maintain focus on the positive and look for ways to make sense of your life as you do so.

Eliminate the Clutter

And sometimes it is something as simple as getting more organized that can bring you luck. There is something about not having clutter in your life, whether it be in a physical way or a mental one, that lends itself to going forward toward good things.

Giving Back

Another tactic is to give back and increase your positive karma. Do something nice for others. Help them achieve their goals. Or even just commit to and become a kinder person. The more positivity you give out, the more likely that it comes back to you in the form of luck.


Regardless of which way you implement the creation of luck in your life, just being conscious of pursuing this can in and of itself make a big difference. Pardon the pun, but GOOD LUCK!